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school data (june 2011)

Friday 13 June 2003 by perbosc


Flag City Country School Latitude Longitude
Kaohsiung Taiwan FXM 23°01’N 120°40’ E
Jalan Gambut Malaysia SMK St Thomas 03°49’N 103°20’E
Alor Akar Malaysia SMK Alor Akar 03°50’N 103°21’E
Meerut India NAS Inter College 29°00’N 77°42’E
New Delhi India Bal Bhawan 28°38’N 77°14’E
Bagpat India D P S play school 28°59’N 77°13’E
Yamunanagar India Sarojini Colony 30°08’N 77°17’E
Tălmaciu Romania Grup scolar Johannes Lebel 45°41’N 24°16’E
Sibiu Romania Regina Maria 45°47’N 24°09’E
Veria Greece 5th Lyceum of Veria 40°18’N 22°19’E
Medvode Slovenia Osnovna šola Preska 46°08’N 14°25’E
Marina di Carrara Italy M Buonarroti “Paradiso” primary school 44°02’N 10°02’E
Lyon France Collège Gabriel Rosset 45°44’N 04°50’E
Lafrançaise France Collège Antonin Perbosc 44°08’N 01°15’E
Valladolid Spain CEIP Narciso Alonso Cortes 41°39’N 04°42’W
Sfax Tunisia écoles de Sakiét Eddayer 34°48’N 10°47’E
Rosario Argentina Calle Wheelwright 32°56’S 60°39′W


City Country Measure Videoconference Photo
Kaohsiung Taiwan Y Y Y
Alor Akar Malaysia Y Y Y
Jalan Gambut Malaysia Y Y Y
New Delhi India Y Y
Eskişehir Turkey `
Rhodes Greece N N N
Tălmaciu Romania Y
Sibiu Romania Y Y
Veria Greece Y Y
Nis Serbia
Revúca Slovakia
Medvode Slovenia Y`
Marina di Carrara Italy Y
Lafrançaise France Y Y Y
Terraube France
Fontenay le C France Y
Valladolid Spain Y N
Tanger Morocco Y
Sfax Tunisia Y Y Y
Pujato Argentina Y N Y
Beloeil Canada N N N

Please tell us if you will participate to the measure, to the videoconference.
If you make a measure, please send a photo, even if you don’t participate to videoconference (23rd june 11:00UTC)
The measure can be on 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 june


First, you must login to your account at


The meeting is in your planning (Permanent / On going TAB)



  • You can download the zip file :
  • The #1 slide is the localization slide
  • the #2 slide has to be filled with photo(s) and results of your measure, and sent back to me.
  • If you can’t do that, you can send me your photo(s) and results , and i’ll do it for you.
  • If you can’t participate to the videoconference, you can also fill #2 slide. Your slides will be commented during the videoconference .

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20 June 2011
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