Eratosthenes 2010-2011

Sibiu, Romania

Saturday 20 March 2010
  • I am also sorry I cannot make a measurement now in March. It is because, as I dont’ go to school, I have to rely on a colleague of mine to do the activity with me with his or her students, and the colleagues I asked all said that it was too short notice and that they had something else planned (either perosnally or professionally) for this upcoming weekend. For the June measurement though I will make sure I will have my own students as it is holiday in Romania.
  • I will be with you on the 30th of March and help you in any way I can. I will gladly watch the chat. I understand French and I can follow written Spanish as well.


Je m’appelle Daniela Arghir et je suis professeur d’anglais comme langue étrangère au Colegiul National Gheorghe Lazar de Sibiu, qui est une ville dans le centre de la Roumanie. Les élèves de notre école n’ont pas fait de mesure cette fois, mais je suis ici à la vidéoconférence tout de même, en tant que modérateur, pour vous aider. Bon travail à tous!


My name is Daniela Arghir and I am a teacher of English as a foreign language at Colegiul National Gheorghe Lazar in Sibiu, which is a city in the centre of Romania. The students in our school didn’t make a measurement this time, but I am here in the video conference all the same, as a moderator, to help. Great work everybody!


Mi nombre es Daniela Arghiri y yo soy un profesor de Inglés como lengua extranjera en Colegiul Nacional Gheorghe Lazar - Sibiu, una ciudad en el centro de Rumania. Los estudiantes de nuestra escuela no medir este tiempo, pero estoy aquí para videoconferencias aún, como un moderador para ayudar. Buenos días a todos trabajo!


Il mio nome è Daniela Arghiri e io sono un insegnante di inglese come lingua straniera a Colegiul Nazionale Gheorghe Lazar - Sibiu, una città nel centro della Romania. Studenti della nostra scuola non si misura questa volta, ma io sono qui per videoconferenza ancora, come moderatore di aiuto. Buon lavoro a tutti!


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