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2010 March

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Claremont, California USA (2010 March)

Friday 26 March 2010
Hello, We are students in an 8th grade Geometry class at El Roble Intermediate School in Claremont, California, United States of America. The latitude is 34, the longitude is -117. Out school has approximately 1200 students in 2 grades. Our town is a college town, about 30 miles east of (...)

Caseros, Argentina (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
Buenos días a todos. Mi nombre es Martina Russino, mi edad es 14 años, asisto al primer año de la Escuela Secundaria Básica N° 5 de Caseros. Provincia de Buenos Aires a 5 Kilómetros de la Ciudad Capital. Es una pequeña Escuela en la que estudiamos 180 Alumnos. Mi país, Argentina, está situado al (...)

Medvode, Slovenia (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
The day of the equinox, the tip of the shadow describes a straight line. Le jour de l’équinoxe, l’extrémité de l’ombre décrit une droite. Date Solar Noon (UT) Gnomon Shadow Angle 15.3.2010 11:11 100 cm 111,5 cm 48°04´ 16.3.2010 11:11 100 cm 111 cm 47°58´ (...)

Xewkija, Malta (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
Table of contents About Gozo About the School About the Project About Gozo: Hello everyone! I am Jessica from Year 5. Gozo is an island situated in north-west of Malta. The capital city of Gozo is Victoria. In Gozo, one can find very important places, like (...)

Sfax, Tunisia (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
Sakiet Eddayer Sfax Tunisie Latitude: 34°48’(N) Longitude: 10°47’(E) Date Solar Noon UTC Gnomon Shadow Angle march 14th 11:40 100 cm 78 cm 38° march 15th 11:40 100 cm 77 cm 37.5° march 16th 11:40 100 cm 75.5 cm 37.2° march 17th 11:40 100 cm 73.5 cm (...)

Sibiu, Romania (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
I am also sorry I cannot make a measurement now in March. It is because, as I dont’ go to school, I have to rely on a colleague of mine to do the activity with me with his or her students, and the colleagues I asked all said that it was too short notice and that they had something else planned (...)

Pujato, Argentina (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
Argentina, Provincia de Santa Fe Escuela Primaria Nº 1345 de PUJATO, 7mo. grado long 60º 57’ W; lat 32º59’S Fecha: 22/03/2010 Somos alumnos de los Talleres de Ciencia y Tecnología de la Escuela Primaria N° 1345 “Nuestra Señora del Carmen” de la localidad de Pujato, Provincia de Santa Fe, República (...)

Meerut, India (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
we have done experiment data was following. length of device--- 70 cm length of shadow— 38.8 cm angle— 29 degree

Loule, Portugal (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
This has been a very complicated time for me because I have been officially awarded the "Teacher of the Year" prize in Portugal I have not been able to do any extracurricular activities with my students . I am sorry about this situation that is messing (...)

Marina di Massa, Italy (2010 March)

Saturday 20 March 2010
Secondary school low level "Don Milani" Address via Pisa, Marina di Massa. Latitude 44°00’ Longitude 10°06’ the measures on 20 march : shadow 96.9 cm angle:44°6’ Unfortunately, it has been raining for two days. The weather forecast for rain tomorrow and after tomorrow So we will carry out 23 (...)

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