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Videoconference (march-june 2010)

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Videoconference video screenshots (march 2010) (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Sunday 27 March 2011

June videoconference (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Tuesday 1 June 2010

Videoconference in Lafrançaise (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Tuesday 6 April 2010 by perbosc
The videoconference in Lafrançaise, filmed by Baptiste

Videoconference in Beloeil (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Monday 5 April 2010 by perbosc
Anne and Virginie’s presentations.

Videoconference in Medvode (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Tuesday 30 March 2010
Videoconference in Medvode filmed by Tatjana .

Cindea’s screenshots (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Tuesday 30 March 2010
Cindea could make screenshots and share them with us . Thank you

Daylight Saving Time - Summer Time (2010) (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Wednesday 24 March 2010
Note that the list might not be final Countries, territories and states sometimes make adjustments that are announced just days or weeks ahead of the change. City Summer Time Winter Time Delhi No DST in 2010 No DST in 2010 Tunis No DST in 2010 No DST in 2010 Buenos Aires (...)

Presentation (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Sunday 14 March 2010
Order of the videoconference (from east to west) Time in UTC 11:00-11:45 - part 1 All the participants connect to the videoconference and log as "City - Country". Last tests of audio and video (For each school: repetition of Part 2 and 3) Welcome Check your (...)

Videoconference test (march) (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Saturday 13 March 2010
Order of the videoconference (from east to west) Name City Connected Chat Audio Video Whiteboard Moderator 1 Deepak Meerut X X X X X 2 Pejman Teheran 3 Daniela/Aura Sibiu X X X X X X 4 Tatjana Medvode X X X (...)

Elluminate (Videoconference (march-june 2010))

Wednesday 3 March 2010

The videoconferences will be held on the platform Elluminate
Les videoconferences auront lieu sur la plateforme Elluminate.
La videoconferencia se llevará a cabo en la plataforma Elluminate

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