Eratosthenes 2010-2011

Elizabeth City, USA

Saturday 22 March 2008

River Road Middle School , Elizabeth City , North Carolina USA

  • 76°11’55.96"W
  • 36°16’41.45"N We used a 100 cm stick The measurement was 68 cm
  • angle : 34°13’=34,22°

Hi! The name of my school is River Road Middle School. This is a 6th grade science class. This class is made up of students of all competency levels. They enjoy discovering and hands on work and work well in groups and collaboratively. We live in a small rural community close to the Atlantic Ocean. There are approximately 732 students in our school, which contains 6th-8th grades.

River Road Middle School 1701 River Road Elizabeth City, North Carolina, USA

My coordinates are: 76°11’55.96"W 36°16’41.45"N

My class is wondering how taking different readings of the sun at noon on the equinox will help them discover the circumference of the Earth. Their hypothesis is that if they are able to determine the angle between their school and another school that we are working with, that we will be able to use that information to determine the degrees of a circle that corresponds to a portion of the Earth. From that information they will be able to determine the circumference of the Earth and compare it to what was done over 2000 years ago.

Patricia Mouton

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