Eratosthenes 2010-2011

September equinox schools

Thursday 2 September 2010 by perbosc

To all the partners:
The ephemeride is not updated for september, the angle of the sun should be equal to your latitude
We plan a measure for september equinox
You can contact me, and i’ll add your school in the list below:

# Flag City Country School Latitude Longitude
01 Meerut India NAS Inter College 29°00’N 77°42’E
02 Veria Greece 5th Lyceum of Veria 40°18’N 22°19’E
03 Cisnadie Romania Lycee Theorique Gustav Gundisch 45°43’N 24°09′E
04 Medvode Slovenja Osnovna šola Preska 46°08’N 14°25’E
07 Marina di Carrara Italy M Buonarroti “Paradiso” primary school 44°02’N 10°02’E
06 Lafrançaise France Collège Antonin Perbosc 44°08’N 01°15’E
10 Fontenay le C France Collège Tiraqueau 46°28’N 00°47’W
17 Tanger Morocco Fondation Banque Populaire 35°46’N 05°48’W
12 Caseros Argentina Escuela ESB 5 34°36’S 58°34′W
13 Pujato Argentina Escuela Primaria Nº 1345 32º59’S 61º02’W
15 Beloeil Canada Ecole Le Tournesol 45°35’N 73°12′W

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